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The STREET FRIES KITCHEN concept specializes in dishes of classic Flemish cuisine, namely pancakes, waffles and French fries according to Dutch and Belgian recipes, complemented by breakfasts, burgers and warm bean-based salads in a variety of taste preferences. It implies the high quality of carefully cooked fast food dishes, large portions, the ability to choose a dish for any taste preference, friendly service and environmental care. The cooking technologies of all the dishes were developed by our chef. SFK regularly rolls out a new menu based on the existing dishes and the inclusion of the new ones.

All the dishes presented on the menu of STREET FRIES KITCHEN restaurants have these qualities.
STREET FRIES KITCHEN has a number of advantages, namely: offers large portions at reasonable prices, i.e. customers get more value for their money.

Also, the cooking methods used by STREET FRIES KITCHEN give its dishes a unique taste.