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Why buy a franchise?

We invite you to become our partner and a member of our fast-growing team in order to get profit on the basis of a well-established restaurant catering system.
Founded in 2013 in Riga, Latvia, the company under the Street fries brand specializes in dishes of Western European and American cuisine.

Currently, the STREET FRIES KITCHEN restaurant successfully operates in the Old town of Riga, near one of the most beautiful European malls. This provides an opportunity for numerous tourists and residents of Riga to enjoy an unforgettable taste and superb quality of dishes prepared according to classic recipes and modern technologies, using the cutting-edge equipment.
As of today, the mission of STREET FRIES KITCHEN company is as follows: "Provide tourists and local residents with a fast delivery of excellent quality dishes, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in a fast-food restaurant."

Thanks to the proven "quick service" system the concept of the STREET FRIES KITCHEN restaurant is a most adaptable one and involves a minimum number of employees.

A number of restaurant models have been developed: a stand-alone restaurant, a stand-alone drive-in restaurant, a house line restaurant, a food court restaurant in a mall and others.

We offer to set up a partnership restaurant in the European Union and the CIS countries .
Franchising conditions

Steps to take for the prospective franchisees:

    Initial contact with SFK. Study of the franchise package.
    Filing an application for the purchase of a franchise. Approval of the application.
    Signing of the commercial partnership agreement. Franchise fee payment.
    Preparation of the architectural design together with SFK. Design approval.
    Renovating the premises. Purchase and installation of equipment.
    Training in the SFK restaurant .  Recruitment and training of personnel.
    Opening of the restaurant.
 112 000 - 300 000 EUR

 Requirements to the premises:
        Food court restaurant:
            Required area: from 55 sq. m.
            Power capacity: 75 kW.
        Stand-alone restaurant in the mall:
            Required area: 80-100 sq. m.
            Power capacity: 90 kW.
        House line restaurant:
            Required area: 90-110 sq. m.
            Power capacity: 90 kW.
        Stand-alone restaurant:
            Required area: 100-120 sq. m.
            Power capacity: 90 kW.
        Stand-alone drive-in restaurant:
            Required area: 130-150 sq. m.
            Power capacity: 90 kW.
        Requirements to sub-franchisees:
        Confirmed access to required financial resources.
        Focus on long term investment
first year: 4% of turnover, further on: 6% of turnover monthly
     Franchise payment 26500 EUR
     Advertising costs: 500 EUR monthly

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